On the Foundations and Legacy of Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research

Reading Time: 31 minutes ON THE FOUNDATIONS AND LEGACY OF QUATUOR CORONATI LODGE OF RESEARCH. by Bro. Bob James Discovery Lodge of Research UGL of NSW & ACT, Australia   Introduction: This essay is concerned with Masonic historical research and with one particular research lodge. My reasons for closely examining the first years of this lodge, Quatuor Coronati or ‘Four … Read more

Legend of the Quatuor Coronati

Reading Time: 3 minutes Legend of the Quatuor Coronati From the “Breviarum ad usum fratrum Ordinis Praedicatorium in Hispania ; cum calendario praemisso.” Presented by Francisco de Poias, Spanish Ambassador at the Emperor’s court, to Isabella of Castille, Queen of Spain and Sicily, on the occasion of the marriage (arranged by him) of the Infante Don Juan to the … Read more


Reading Time: 30 minutes A Review of James Anderson’s Report on the First Six Years of Organised Freemasonry by RW OSSIAN LANG, Grand Historian, 1932