Return of Warrant No 195 I.C. as St Patrick’s Lodge finally Closes.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Home of The Black Watch. It was a particularly sad morning yesterday, when a small party of senior Brethren from St Patrick’s Lodge No 195, Arthur Square arrived at the Museum in Rosemary Street to deposit Minute Books, Attendance Books and other euphrema from the Lodge, after returning their Warrant to the Assistant Provincial Grand … Read more

The Rose Croix

Reading Time: 5 minutes A reprint of an article published in Freemasonry Today Issue 17, Summer 2001 © Grand Lodge Publications Ltd 1997-2014 Matthew Christmas explains the 18th Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite  The Rose Croix  Of all the many orders and degrees outside the Craft and the Royal Arch, there is no doubt that for many the pinnacle … Read more