There is such an abundance of evidence in proof of the continuity of Freemasonry during the period selected, that it is only necessary to study the special records of the old Lodges, happily still preserved, the Rolls of the “Old Charges”, and especially the extant minutes of the Masons’ Company of London, to be assured that the Freemasons of the present day are the lineal descendants of the operative builders, who in the 17th century, and earlier, admitted speculative or non-professional members.

Old Style Calendar

Freemasonry’s early history spans the introduction of the Gregorian, or “New Style” calendar. The serious student of Freemasonry must take this into account when comparing dates that span the change point, or appear on documents from different countries. The Gregorian calendar (New Style) The Julian, or Old Style, calendar, instituted by Julius Caesar in 45 … Read more

Cleopatra’s Needle: John Hamill traces its masonic history

From the Nile to the Thames One Freemason proposed the idea of presenting Cleopatra’s Needle as a gift to the British government. John Hamill explains how its eventual arrival in London was organised and paid for by another Like St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower and Big Ben, Cleopatra’s Needle is one of London’s most recognisable landmarks. It was presented to the British … Read more