Aleister Crowley and Freemasonry

Reading Time: 3 minutes Aleister Crowley and Freemasonry Aleister Crowley and Freemasonry Aleister Crowley, a brilliant student of symbolism and ritual, had at least four major contacts with Freemasonry as a complete body. In 1900, while in Mexico, Crowley became involved with a Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite. This period of Central American Craft Freemasonry … Read more

William Wynn Westcott and the Esoteric School

Reading Time: 39 minutes By Bro. R. A. Gilbert (19 February 1987) INTRODUCTION IN 1931, ON THE occasion of his Installation as W. M. of this Lodge, Bro W. J. Williams gave as his Inaugural Address an account of The Contributions of Former Members, outlining the work of twenty-two members of the Lodge. Three years later Bro. W. J. … Read more