Reflections on the Second Degree

Reading Time: 17 minutes That purely material gains can never represent the final goal in the progress and development of mankind must have been recognised as fundamental truth ever since primitive man first began to turn his thoughts from such considerations as food, shelter and physical comfort generally to that limitless and fruitful field of speculative thought which Freemasonry names the hidden mysteries of nature and science.

Freemasonry and the Western Tradition

Reading Time: 29 minutes W. Bro. J. R. Cleland, P.P.A.G., Chap., (Kent). > “This is the whole lesson we have to learn from the history of mankind: to will the inevitable, and ourselves fulfil it. The creative work of the highest self-annihilating will is the final winning of the fearless, forever loving man.” (Richard Wagner, Letter to August Roeckel, … Read more