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Freemasonry and its Role in Civil Society

We would offer as a starting point a commonly held view that the arrangements with major impact on human existence are those of the state, family and market with a fourth “civil society” being the totality of other institutions. These groupings are not fixed. Rather, they should be understood as tectonic plates vitalised by human energy, continuously shaping and forming themselves, and similarly reshaping and re-forming each other.It is to “civil society” that we must turn to find Freemasonry

Freemasons donate £800 to Podiatry Department in Torbay hospital

At a recent appointment held in the Podiatry Department in Torbay hospital Clive Eden, who is a Freemason and has for 45 years been a type 1 diabetic, was advised by Ruth Gornall, Lead Diabetetes Podiatrist of a project being undertaken by their department to purchase a portable X-Ray machine but due to all the current restrictions it was not available through the usual channels. A reconditioned X-Ray machine would cost £15,000 but will have to be funded through private donations.

Freemasons to host teddy bears’ picnic at Tenby harbour

Freemasons from West Wales will be hosting their own teddy bears’ picnic as part of celebrations to mark 300 years of Freemasonry while raising awareness of the excellent work of one of its most important Masonic charitable initiatives, the Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) Appeal.

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice has received £3,357 from Mansfield Freemasons

Bluebell Wood supports around 250 children and young adults with life-threatening conditions each year. Its wide-ranging services include end of life treatment and care, music therapy, counselling, sibling support groups, home visits and much more. It costs more than £4 million for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice to keep its doors open each year and 90 per cent of this needs to be raised through community and corporate fundraising. Visit www.bluebellwood.org to make a donation or to find ideas for helping Bluebell Wood make more memories for the children it cares for.

Moslem Becomes New Master of Jewish Freemasons Lodge

A Pakistani Moslem from the Khyber Pass was installed last night as Master of a predominately Jewish Lodge of Freemasons in the south side of Glasgow.

Taxi-driver Wali Khan, teetotaller and Lodge member for the last 10 years, is believed to be the first Moslem to hold such office in Scotland.