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A Stroll Through The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences

Throughout our lives, we have heard of the liberal arts and sciences. But until we were presented with them in The Winding Stair lecture, most of us had only a vague notion of what they consisted. The Fellowcraft Degree commends Freemasons to study the Liberal Arts and Sciences, which are grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. When we study the historical background for this list, we will uncover layers of Masonic meanings for us in each of the seven areas of knowledge.

Freemasons donate £4000 to Boston Women’s Aid

Boston Women’s Aid is proud to have been awarded £4,000 through the Masonic Charitable Foundation’s Tercentenary Community Awards – £3 million was given to 300 charities across the country to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the MCF. BWA is one of six Lincolnshire charities to receive grants; the only one in Boston or South Holland.

Historical Origins of the Mark Degree

The Mark is a ceremony or degree [sometimes called the ‘friendly’ degree], conferrable today only to Master Masons and forms part of a hierarchical organization. In Craft Masonry it was quite a late innovation making its appearance during the mid-1700s.  However we do know that Operative Masons, without any kind of ceremony, were taking marks 150 years before the Mark came into use as part of that particular ceremony.

Freemasons Launch £2.5 million Fundraising Appeal for London Fire Brigade

The funding will provide London Fire Brigade with two extended height aerial vehicles.  These appliances will be in addition to the extra resources for extended height aerial vehicles already requested by the Commissioner as part of a Mayoral review into the Brigade’s resources in July.