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70th Federation of School Lodges Meeting will be held at Pocklington School – Saturday 2nd September 2017

Open to Masons of all ranks, the Federation Lodge meeting commences at 16:00, Plans for the Daggards W Bros Eddie Wildman and Ean Blair to perform Festive Board Entertainment, a light-hearted look at the historical and present day music used when Lodge Meetings are concluded and the eating and drinking begins

Widows Sons bikers to save Historic Skelmersdale Waterloo Chapter No 1380

There were so many things different about the emergency chapter meeting held at Bryn Masonic Hall. Firstly, proceedings commenced at 8:30 on a Saturday morning with a hearty breakfast. The chapter was meeting miles away from its official home. The car park was full of motorcycles. Many of the companions wore their regalia over motorcycle leathers. No festive board followed the meeting, and the companions ‘got on their bikes’ and rode away. Unusual to say the least, but perfectly normal once you know the story.

Freemasons Timeline Drama and Pageant has raised £2,100 so far

Peace, love and harmony? Those three essential Masonic commodities were apparently not very evident 300 years ago, as was delightfully demonstrated when the St Helens and Prescot peripatetic pageant players brought their excellent production of ‘A Timeline Drama and Pageant’ to Rowley Court, Lancaster at a meeting of the City of Lancaster Lodge No 281.