The Gloves

Apart from their practical uses to protect the hands from cold and injury, gloves have symbolic connotations. The old illustrations of operative masons at work do not show them wearing gloves. Their use, then, must have been mostly ceremonial, and their adoption in speculative Freemasonic ritual must be explained by their symbolism. The Italian writer Vanni considers that the origin of the symbolism lies not in their use by certain craftsmen or as protection against the cold, but rather in their military use.

Frederick Arthur Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby

Frederick Arthur Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby was a British politician and sportsman.

Stanley was born on January 15th, 1841 in London. He was educated at Eton College and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. He received a commission in the Grenadier Guards and rose to the rank of captain.

Victor Christian William Cavendish, 9th Duke of Devonshire – Sheffield Freemasonry

Sheffield Freemasonry On 31 Jan 1893, Victor Christian William Cavendish, 9th Duke of Devonshire  became a joining member of Dorothy Vernon Lodge No. 2129, Bakewell, he was installed as Worshipful Master in 1894, which by dispensation took place at Chatsworth House. He became the 6th Provincial Grand Master of Derbyshire Victor Christian William Cavendish, ninth Duke … Read more

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington and Freemason

Wellington by Goya

The eventful life of Arthur, Duke of Wellington, was evenly apportioned between a triumphant military career and an equally successful political one. His early involvement in both fields kept him away from home, which may explain why, notwithstanding his five-year membership of the Lodge in Trim, he never progressed beyond the first degree of Freemasonry. … Read more