Esoteric Significance of the White Lambskin Apron

Picture of Masonic Lamb Skin Apron

Perhaps the most universal symbol of Masonry, other than the Square & Compass or the seemingly all pervasive letter G, is that singular mark of distinction which every Entered Apprentice is first presented with –the white lambskin apron. Recognised around the globe as the distinguishing “badge” of the Mason, the lambskin apron is rich with symbolism and practical instruction for the speculative initiate of our Craft who is willing to seek more Light.

Masonic Archaeology

WITH reference to all those things which come within the various provinces of the seven liberal arts and sciences, Masonry occupies an extremely anomalous position. The theory of the Craft we all know. From one degree to another, we have paraded before us, assumptions of all knowledge, human and Divine


THE MASONIC CAREER OF A. E. WAITE – BY BRO. R.A. GILBERT – ARS QUATUOR CORONATORUM – VOLUME 99 FOR THE YEAR 1986 INTRODUCTION In English Freemasonry the seal of a certain distinction attaches to the name of Arthur Edward Waite, while it has proved of such appeal in America that an important Grand lodge … Read more