2016 Masonic Restoration Foundation Symposium in Asheville, NC 8/19-21

Reading Time: 2 minutes The 7th annual Masonic Restoration Foundation Symposium has been announced, and will take place  from August 19-21, 2016 at the Asheville Masonic Temple in Asheville, North Carolina. Meetings will be held in both the Lodge Room and the Theatre.  Since 2001, the Masonic Restoration Foundation (MRF) has been examining the issues facing North American Freemasonry, identifying successful both … Read more

Famous Scottish Freemasons – Sir Walter Scott 1771 – 1832

Reading Time: < 1 minute Walter Scott was born in Edinburgh, the author of the ‘Waverly’ novels, Rob Roy, Guy Mannering, The Lady of the Lake, the Antiquary and many many others, is probably Scotland’s most famous novelist. In 1818, Scott helped instigate the discovery of the Scottish Royal Regalia (the crown and sceptre from the reign of James V), which had been hidden in … Read more