St Aidan Lodge raise £5000 for 2021 Festival

St Aidan Lodge in Blackhill, Consett has numerous reasons to celebrate in their meeting after the Great North Run weekend.

Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Sanders Hay, as part of a formal visit to St Aidan Lodge, presented a 50 Year Certificate to Worshipful Master, Jonathan Golightly on behalf of long standing St Aidan member James Richardson who was sadly unable to attend due to ill health.

Durham Freemasons donate £100,000 in Community Support Grants

Durhams Provincial Grand Master conducted a special award presentation from Durham Benevolence, distributing £100,000 in Community Support Grants to ten local worthy charities or organisations, who supported children or young adults in need

Freemasons daughter £6000 Boost for Breast Clinic at the RVI, Newcastle

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in May, Beth Pattison decided, after getting over the massive initial shock, that something positive had to come from the experience. With a Freemason as her father, who better to turn to for some fundraising advice? Craig Pattison, a well-known Chester le Street Mason, is an old hand at fundraising and he used his many years of experience to pull together a Charity Fundraising event on Friday 2nd December at the Masonic Hall in Chester le Street.