The Influence of Kings on Craft Freemasonry

‘From time immemorial’ we have been very fortunate in that our Craft has had the support of Royalty. Without that support I doubt that we would be in the same position as we are today, even taking into account our declining numbers. Royalty brought and registered a degree of class, charisma & gentlemanly behaviour to … Read more

The Freemasons’ Sword of State

THE memorial presented by the St. Paul’s Head Lodge gives occasion for a description of the Sword which Bro. George Moody was empowered to bear before the Grand Master. For the Sword borne before H.R.H. the Prince of Wales is the Sword of Gustavus Adolphus, and is very much in the same condition as when … Read more

Robert Burns as a Freemason

Robert Burns as a Freemason “Gie Me the Master’s Apron” Robert Burns and Freemasonry by World Burns Club Member Todd J. Wilkinson The very mention of the name “Robert Burns” brings to mind images of red roses, starry-eyed lovers, Tam-O’-Shanter and the Cutty Sark, and the glens of bonnie Scotland. And while these images describe … Read more

Anno Lucis

Anno Lucis Anno Lucis et al. By Bro. Harry Mendoza (13 November 1980) YOU ARE ALL familiar with the term ‘Anno Lucls’. But where did it come from? When was it first used? And how widely is it used? I was surprised to find that there was no ready answer to these questions when I … Read more