Emergency Aid for Stalybridge Firefighters

Reading Time: 2 minutes Everyone has heard about the moorland fires in Stalybridge. You will be pleased to know what action has been taken by the District. On Tuesday morning our Chairman, Peter Douthwaite received a call from our APGM John Pearson enquiring if there was anything we could do to help the people who had been evacuated. He … Read more

Salford Freemasons Tercentenary Ball

Reading Time: 3 minutes Saturday 6th May saw the Salford District lodges celebrate the Tercentenary of Freemasonry by hosting a Ball at Hemsley House, Salford for the brethren, non-masons and their ladies. The evening started with the reception at 6pm, with all the guests moving through to the dining room at 6:30pm. The guests were greeted by the Chairman … Read more

50 years in Masonry on the 20th April 2016, WBro Graham Ellis – News from Salford District

Reading Time: 5 minutes A resolute member of the Salford District achieved 50 years in Masonry on the 20th April 2016. WBro Graham Ellis reached the occasion in the company of members of his Lodge, an APGM, an APGP, Officers of United Grand Lodge, the District Chairman, District Team and personal guests from Kinship Chapter. The Lodge was opened … Read more

129 appointments and promotions at PrGC

Reading Time: 12 minutes Companions attending Provincial Grand Chapter in the Southport Convention Centre saw 47 companions receive their first appointments and 82 companions promoted. The Grand Superintendent and his officers process into the meeting. After opening Provincial Grand Chapter, the Grand superintendent, Tony Harrison welcomed his distinguished guests from other Provinces – The visitors were welcomed with acclamation … Read more