Ancient Evidences – Cleopatra’s needle

The Builder, Cleopatra’s needle & Ancient Evidences G. W. Baird , P.G.M., District of Columbia It was the good fortune of the writer to see the great obelisk called Cleopatra’s needle, as it stood at Alexandria and also to witness the “opening of a house” in Pompeii. The two Monoliths known as Cleopatra’s needles had been brought … Read more

Cleopatra’s Needle: John Hamill traces its masonic history

From the Nile to the Thames One Freemason proposed the idea of presenting Cleopatra’s Needle as a gift to the British government. John Hamill explains how its eventual arrival in London was organised and paid for by another Like St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower and Big Ben, Cleopatra’s Needle is one of London’s most recognisable landmarks. It was presented to the British … Read more