Provincial Grand Charity of Derbyshire Freemasons provide Care Leavers with Christmas Party

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ashfield House Burton upon Trent was filled with joy on Thursday 15th December when a Christmas Party took place for a group of teenage care leavers. The Provincial Grand Charity had received a plea for assistance from a Lodge Almoner who is also a care worker to the plight of these children many of whom … Read more

Come on England! – Provincial Grand Charity made more dreams come true on Wednesday, 18th May

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Provincial Grand Charity made more dreams come true on Wednesday, 18th May. A group of children with special needs were invited down to the fabulous National Football Centre near Burton upon Trent. The group enjoyed watching a training session and short game with the England football team prior to their departure for the European championships … Read more

Free from persecution: Freemasonry and democracy go hand-in-hand

Reading Time: 7 minutes Where freedom exists, Freemasonry can flourish. Director of Special Projects John Hamill explains why the Craft thrives in democratic societies In January, National Holocaust Memorial Day passed almost unnoticed in the media, and where it was commented on there was no mention of Freemasonry. It still appears largely unknown outside the Craft that a significant … Read more