The Moderns & The Antients

Reading Time: 40 minutes BY BRO. ARTHUR HEIRON Bro. Heiron is the author of Ancient Freemasonry and the Old Dundee Lodge, No. 18 [1722-1920], a most interesting account of lodge life two hundred years ago. The present paper was read before the Manchester Association for Masonic Research in May, 1924. IT is common knowledge that prior to 1813 the … Read more

Masonic Etiquette and Scottish Usage

Reading Time: 15 minutes The word etiquette can be defined as the “established rule of procedure and ceremony in a court or any official or other body”. Perhaps for Masonic purposes, it can be defined as “that set of conventions, rules, customs and traditions by which Masons are expected to govern themselves when engaged in the rites and ceremonies … Read more