Globes, pillars, columns and candlesticks

Reading Time: 23 minutes Presented November 20, 1998, at the Vancouver Lodge of Education and Research. In mid September, when the Worshipful Master originally asked me to present a paper, I had just committed to the Chairman of the Vancouver Grand Masonic Day to deliver the talk that I had originally thought of delivering to this Lodge; that is, … Read more


Reading Time: 27 minutes THE DORMER MASONIC STUDY CIRCLE, TRANSACTION NO. 94 “THE FOURTH PART OF A CIRCLE” by W.Bro.J. D. BLAKELEY, M.Sc., F.R.I.C., Prov. A.G.D.C., Essex, P.M., Lodge No. 5184 “Below the highest sphere four Regents sit, who rule our world…… The Light of Asia–Sir Edwin Arnold. Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. . . … Read more

Matthew Cooke Manuscript in Contemporary English

Reading Time: 19 minutes Matthew Cooke Manuscript in Contemporary English Matthew Cooke Manuscript Translated by Bro. George William Speth (1847/04/30-1901/04/19) THANKED be God, our glorious Father, the founder and creator of heaven and earth, and of all things that therein are, for that he has vouchsafed, of his glorious Godhead, to make so many things of manifold virtue for … Read more

Following in Noah’s Footsteps – Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariner

Reading Time: 12 minutes To many Masons who do not know much about it, even to many Mark Master Masons who have not gone on to become Ark Mariners, the Royal Ark Mariner can seem to be just a quaint, short little degree about Noah’s Flood whose members wear rainbow coloured aprons. It may be attached to the Mark degree, but it is often dismissed as being of very little ritual significance.