Geometry and Masonry: Sacred Geometry

Reading Time: 16 minutes The address to the Immediate Past Master and the depiction on his jewel refer to the 47Th proposition of Euclid.  It also refers to “our brother Pythagoras”. The Master’s jewel is the square, two sides 90 degrees apart which will form the base needed for the 47th problem (in many jurisdictions the square has the … Read more

Pythagoras: One of the Greatest Minds of His Time

Reading Time: 6 minutes Pythagoras was one of the greatest minds and philosophers of his time and his unquestionable influence can be felt even today in mathematics. It is believed that he was the first man who referred to himself as a “philosopher.” He was the founder of Pythagoreanism, a religious and political movement that appeared mainly in the big cities of Magna Grecia (today southern Italy).


Reading Time: 11 minutes Every Mason is naturally desirous to know something of the origin and history of the Craft. The available literature on the subject is diffuse and unsatisfying. It offers a mass of disconnected details of archeology and comparative religion without unifying them into any helpful light and deals rather with matters of minor and temporal history … Read more