Masonic Etiquette

Reading Time: 18 minutes The multiple uses and diversity in meanings of words have made it customary in academic papers to give a definition of key words or terms of the reference topic in order that the audience may better be enabled to distinguish, comprehend and appreciate the ‘whence-from’ and ‘whither-to’ of the speaker. Given the time at our disposal, I will restrict this to just a single definition of the terms ‘etiquette’ and ‘masonic’.


Reading Time: 14 minutes by W.Bro. Chris Aniche Okorafor Past Deputy District Grand Master, Hon. Grand Almoner Founder Member and Past Master of Lodge Aro #1772,Arochukwu Lodge Meridian #1742, Umuahia District Grand Lodge of Nigeria – Grand Lodge of Scotland Why a Masonic Burial: In Nigeria, one of the questions we often have to deal with as Freemasons, relates to … Read more