Absolutes and Imperialism: Exclusion and Isolation?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Not long ago, and on behalf of the United Grand Lodge of England, a speech was made that stated that the basic principles of Freemasonry were refined over 150 years and codified in 1929 and 1938. This codification, it is claimed, defines regularity; the speech advises that regularity is an “absolute” and that these basic principles are above and beyond change and reinterpretation. The same statement proscribes masons in masonry from being explicitly involved in matters such as the social progress of the new Europe and it stipulates that “Freemasonry has no role outside of Freemasonry”.


Reading Time: 36 minutes First published here http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/ A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OF CHEVALIER ANDREW MICHAEL RAMSAY Including a full transcript of his Oration of 1737. by W.Bro. Martin I.McGregor PM and Secretary The Southern Cross Lodge No.9. PM Lodge Te Puke No.261. Companion St.Andrew’s Royal Arch Chapter No.90. Master (2007) of the Research Lodge of Southland No.415. Member the … Read more