The Traditional History of The Order of Women Freemasons

Brethren, our order was formed in March 1908 when we were called The Honourable Fraternity of Antient Masonry. We are a regular Masonic Order open to all women, unlike Adoptive Masonry which restricts its membership to women who are fortunate to have Masons among their near family. As you know, we are open to all women of full age, of good report and holding a belief in a Supreme Being.

Famous Scottish Freemasons – John McDouall Stuart 1815 – 1866

John McDouall Stuart was born in 1815 in Dysart in Fife. After leaving school he graduated as a civil engineer and at the age of 23 he left Scotland for South Australia settling in Adelaide. Although not well known in his native land, Stuart was probably the greatest inland explorer of Australia and is well recognised  as that. In 1862 … Read more

Masons’ Marks of Lodge “Operative” No. 140

MASON’s MARKS.—In some of the, earlier numbers of A.Q.C. and in those recently issued, contributions on “Masons’ marks” have been printed. On looking over the minute book of Lodge “Operative,” No. 140 S.C. (the history of which I wrote some months ago), there is a list of “The Mark Masters and their Marks,” dated 1776 et seq