From Darkness to Light!

Reading Time: 2 minutes From Darkness to Light! Last Monday evening a demonstration team from the Custodes Copiae Chapter of Provincial Grand Stewards No 9430 delivered, for the first time in the Province, a new and completely different Royal Arch presentation arranged by the Deputy Grand Superintendent entitled “From Darkness to Light !” delivered in the Cleator Moor Masonic … Read more

The Third Degree is a Drama and has many meanings

Reading Time: 6 minutes In the third Degree ceremony in Craft masonry, a brother is raised to the ‘Sublime Degree of a Master Mason’. It is indeed a ‘Sublime’ Degree, which, as a full member of the Craft, a Mason may study for years without exhausting it.

Any interpretation in this article must necessarily be a hint only. Yet a hint may stimulate a Mason to reflect upon it himself, and to study it more thoroughly in the future.