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Freemasons donate £600 to Highfield Littleport Academy

Masons at Descensus Aquarum Lodge, based in Ely, handed over £600 to Highfield Littleport Academy.

Pupils at a Littleport school will have a new lunchtime area to enjoy and artwork to admire, thanks to a £600 donation.

Masons at Descensus Aquarum Lodge, based in Ely, handed over the money to Highfield Littleport Academy which caters for children with special educational needs.

Yvonne Skillern, the academy’s head, said: “When the masons approached us to see if they could assist us in any way in improving outcomes for pupils, it arrived at a most welcome time for the school.

“We now plan on creating a fenced seating area to give pupils a new option for where to sit with their friends at lunchtimes.

“We all know it has been difficult period during the pandemic so making sure we speak to each other and develop friendships is really important.”


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