The Blazing Star

there has been very little agreement among our scholars either as to its (the letter ‘G’) origin or to its meaning. Usually, we can hit upon the manner in which a symbol was introduced into the Ritual by studying the records of the early eighteenth century in England, at which time and place the Ritual was cast in its modern form, but such a study cannot help us here because the eighteenth century Masons were themselves confused about the matter

Kipling and the Craft

The need for this further essay was first made apparent to me when—in my capacity as Secretary of the Lodge and Editor of the Transactions—I began to receive inquiries from Brethren as far away as Vancouver and Singapore, asking for materials and information which might help them to complete their own papers on Kipling, and I found, to my surprise, that while our library contains a great deal of relevant material, there has never been a paper on Kipling in our Transactions.


The Masonic Monthly 1864 AT the summit of Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry stands the third, or Master Mason’s Degree. There is no higher degree, legitimately so called. – Whatever other degrees, styled Masonic, the ingenuity of man may have invented, they can lay no claim to superiority over the third or Master Mason’s Degree … Read more


MEDICINE, RELIGION, WITCHCRAFT Rome, 30 th November – 1st December 2012 SAPIENZA UNIVERSITY OF ROME DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY, CULTURES, RELIGIONS P.le A. Moro, 5  – 00185 Roma Rationale of the workshop Medicine, religion, witchcraft are three apparently different domains of ideas, knowledge, practices and beliefs, as well as three different domains of anthropological investigation characterized … Read more