Grand Secretary’s column – Winter 2014

From the Grand  Secretary Gathering the views and opinions of our members has never been more important. We are determined to continue to work closely with Metropolitan London, the Provinces and the Districts throughout the English Constitution. This is demonstrated by an inclusive approach when deciding new initiatives. Let me give you some examples from this year. … Read more

Augustus Manning: one of the founders of Tilbury Lodge No. 2006

Head above water Instrumental in the construction of Tilbury Docks, Augustus Manning met Kaiser Wilhelm II eight years before the start of World War I, thanks to a shared interest in yachting. Richard Burrell navigates this Freemason’s intriguing life Throughout his life, it would be fair to say that Augustus George Sackville Manning liked making … Read more

‘The Ruspini Legacy’

QUARTERLY COMMUNICATION13 March 2013An address by VW Bro Mike Woodcock, President, and W Bro Les Hutchinson, PAGDC, Chief Executive, Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys ‘A celebration of 225 years in supporting children by the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys‘ VW Bro Mike Woodcock:Brethren, on the ceiling frieze above the senior warden’s … Read more

pulling out all the stops

While organ music has become part of the rich fabric of masonic meetings around the country, Naunton Liles wonders whether lodges should seek to preserve these historic but expensive instruments Look at any masonic music books in use today and you’ll find that the music you sing in your lodge would be familiar to your … Read more