PGO Club – Address by The President

Address by The President R.W.Bro. Alastair Mason, ProProvGM at the ‘M.G.O. & P.G.O’ Club on Wednesday 6th April 2016 Brethren, Firstly, may I welcome you all here this evening. I trust that you have dined well and have enjoyed each other’s company. Brethren – I have quite a lot to talk to you about this … Read more

PGO Club – End2End Presentation

MGO & PGO CLUB – 6th APRIL 2106 End2End Presentation by W.Bro. W. Stanton President, Brethren all. Firstly, Mr. President I would like to thank you for the opportunity of addressing the brethren assembled and Brethren I would like to thank you in advance for your attention. You are probably wondering what End2End is? It … Read more