Aleister Crowley and Freemasonry

Aleister Crowley and Freemasonry Aleister Crowley and Freemasonry Aleister Crowley, a brilliant student of symbolism and ritual, had at least four major contacts with Freemasonry as a complete body. In 1900, while in Mexico, Crowley became involved with a Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite. This period of Central American Craft Freemasonry … Read more

History of the Allied Masonic Degrees

The vast majority of the ‘additional’ degrees worked in England in the early part of the nineteenth century originally came under the patronage of warrants granted by the ‘Antients’, who held that Craft Warrants entitled Lodges to work any Masonic degree to which they had knowledge and members available who could work it. Upon the formation of the United Grand Lodge various groups of degrees were gradually organised into separate Orders each with their own governing body.

Allied Masonic Degrees – Degrees of Significance

Of the many ‘extra-Craft’ degrees, those five controlled by the Grand Council of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees are probably the least known: one has to be a Mark Master and a Royal Arch Mason to be eligible and this double qualification will exclude many. There are also fewer private Allied Councils than there are lodges, or equivalent bodies, for the much larger orders of Mark and Royal Ark Mariners and even of smaller orders, such as the Royal and Select Masters.

Masonic memorabilia of Albert Nice up for auction by Roseberys

Unsurpassed collection of Freemasonry memorabilia to go under the hammer in London Update: 6th March The catalogue is now online for viewing! Click here to find out more. Roseberys‘ quarterly fine art auction in March will feature an extraordinary single-owner collection. It belonged to the late Albert Nice and is widely regarded as the pre-eminent … Read more