Dambusters captured: the incredible story of Jerry Fray

While much is known about the endeavours of the Dambusters, Squadron Leader Jerry Fray’s more covert role of photographing the resulting destruction is far less familiar Almost seventy years ago, the Royal Air Force No. 617 Squadron or ‘Dambusters’ used a specially developed bouncing bomb to attack the dams that supplied hydro-electric generated power to Germany’s … Read more

How to make a costume drama

As Parade’s End becomes the latest high-profile production to shoot at Freemasons’ Hall, Oscar-winning producer David Parfitt tells Luke Turton why he enjoys filming there   Benedict Cumberbatch is in earnest conversation with a colleague as he hurries down a long corridor that leads to the huge bronze doors opening into the Grand Temple at … Read more

The Siege of Ascalon

The Seige of Ascalon – 1153 By Stephen Dafoe Excerpted from the book Nobly Born: An Illustrated History of the Knights Templar On 25 January 1153 the Commander of the City of Jerusalem, along with the ten knights under his command, was guarding the True Cross as an army of Templars, Hospitallers, seculars and ecclesiastics … Read more