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Freemasons help Improve Access to festivals and events for the disabled

Seated is Paul a resident at Bevern View

Disabled people in Sussex can have the same freedoms as everyone else to attend concerts and events thanks to two new mobile changing facilities funded by the Sussex Freemasons.

The Bevern Trust charity received a grant of £13,794 for the new MigLoo mobile changing facilities.

Presentation of funds to the Bevern Trust

These will allow at least 30 people with profound disabilities to attend community events, festivals and outdoor activities.

Matthew Cornish, Fundraising & Development Manager for The Bevern Trust said:“We are extremely grateful for the funding we have received from Sussex Freemasons.

“This donation provides a significant step towards achieving our ambition of allowing more freedom and opportunity for the many profoundly disabled people in Sussex”.

Attending venues with limited facilities previously meant that changing or going to the toilet for people with complex needs was impossible and that they could not stay for long or even attend at all.

Maurice Adams from Sussex Freemasons said: “We’re very pleased to be able to support the Bevern Trust in helping people with disabilities to have the same chance to enjoy a day out as everyone else.

“We want to help make sure that events in Sussex are open to everyone, including disabled people”.

The ‘Migloo Festival’ provides a fully portable, temporary hoisted Changing Place that utilizes the innovative MigLoo hoisting system.

The unit can easily be erected to provide those with profound disabilities and the need for hoisting, the privacy to use a toilet or freshen up and enjoy the rest of their day.

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