City stories

Reading Time: 5 minutes Take a minute to look up from the pavement in the City of London and you will find historic gems that reveal a great deal about the founding of Freemasonry. Yasha Beresiner is your guide Hello and welcome to this tour of three of the historic masonic sites in the City of London that are … Read more

Road Craft

Reading Time: 5 minutes Is it possible to belong to a gang of leather-clad bikers and stay true to the principles of Freemasonry? Adrian Foster summons up the courage to meet with the Widows Sons on their own turf and find out for himself In a bleak, concrete-walled car park at the rear of the Masonic Hall in Goldsmith … Read more

Back to basics

Reading Time: 4 minutes Anthony Sayer may have been chosen as the first Grand Master of Grand Lodge in 1717, but little is known about his life. Steven Smith questions why, and wonders whether historians have deliberately ignored him Little is known about Anthony Sayer for the simple reason that there has been a lack of research into the … Read more