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Worcestershire Provincial Grand Chapter

Old Bromsgrovian Chapter No. 5743



Friday 3rd June saw 35 Companions in attendance at the Chapter Installation Convocation. The Provincial Team, led by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Colin P. T. Brown, comprised the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E. Comp. John Phenix with E. Comp. Derek Own acting as the Third. Their escort was E. Comp. Jeff Whiteley, Prov.A.G.D.C.

The Chapter was able to continue with a normal progression rather than the oft requirement for Past Principals to return to a Chair and on this occasion E. Comp. S J Kingston was Installed as Z with E. Comp J. N. Boffey Installed into the Chair of H and Companion M Gunton Installed as J.

The Chapter were pleased to welcome 8 Visitors and the MEGS was very pleased to see 3 Acting Provincial Officers supporting the Chapter.

The Chapter raised an Alms collection of £204 which was allocatted to the Prov Royal Arch Charity Fund.

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