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The Senior and Junior Wardens miniature Pillars

Gila Valley No. 9 F & AM Masonic Lodge.


The Senior and Junior Wardens have miniature pillars on their pedestals, representing Jachin and Boaz (I Kings 7:21) respectively. These emblems did not exist in 1723 Masonry.

They first appeared circa 1760 in London Masonry. At that time, the Wardens carried them into the Lodge in the same manner as the Marshal carried his baton, under their left arms. None of the dozen exposés of Masonic ritual prior to Three Distinct Knocks, in 1760, mention the columns.

The April 5, 1759, bylaws of Tandragee Lodge #79 in The Village Tandragee, County Armagh, Ireland (now Northern Ireland), stated, “That there is to be silence at the first clap of the Master’s hammer, and likeways at the first stroke of each trenchen struck by the Sen’r and Jun’r Wardens.” A Lodge in Chester, England, catalogued within its 1761 inventory, “Two truncheons for the Wardens”. Some Irish and English Lodges still refer to these columns as truncheons.

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