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The Role of a Chapter Almoner

The office of Chapter Almoner is one of the most important in the Chapter. It is the channel through which pastoral care of the Companions can be addressed. The Almoner should be the first point of contact in the Chapter should a member’s personal circumstances disrupt their attendance. The Almoner’s support at these times can be very valuable.

There are many reasons for non-attendance at Chapter meetings and these are of key interest to a Chapter Almoner. If the source of the problem is within the Chapter itself, the Almoner must be a catalyst for change.Therefore, the goal is that every Companion feels connected to and supported by his Chapter.

All companions are encouraged to read the new Guide for Chapter Almoners (see link at bottom of page).

The Guide refers to the goal of the Almoner being that every Companion feels connected to and supported by his Chapter. In essence, the role of a Chapter Almoner is to be a good Companion and a good communicator; companionship being a vital element in ensuring that a Chapter flourishes. The advice will be of value to all, as they support the Almoner by practicing companionship in the Chapter, making an effort to approach that Companion who sits alone and by keeping in contact with those who do not attend regularly.

The Chapter Almoner will liaise closely with the Chapter Scribe E and Treasurer and, as his role is not intended to duplicate that of the Craft Lodge Almoner, he will contact the appropriate Lodge Almoner where appropriate. Help, support and advice will always be available from the Royal Arch Provincial Almoner.

The new Guide considers reasons for non attendance at Chapter meetings and discusses various actions by which this might be addressed.

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