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The Masonic Homes Needs You!

The Masonic Homes Needs You!

The Masonic Homes of California offer year-round opportunities for Masons and their families and friends to share talents, build relationships, and bring joy to residents’ lives.

Many Ways to Give Back
The Masonic Homes offer volunteer opportunities to suit a variety of interests. Sample volunteer opportunities include:
• Socializing with residents
• Teaching or assisting with arts and crafts
• Offering educational programming to residents
• Helping plan, decorate for, or serve at on-campus parties and events
• Calling bingo or helping with other games
• Initiating pet therapy visits
• Assisting staff on outings
• Helping residents connect digitally through Facebook, Skype, and other tech tools
• Planting, pruning, or harvesting plants in the Homes’ onsite gardens
• Providing administrative and clerical support

Why Volunteer at the Masonic Homes?
• Offer fraternal affection to senior members and widows
• Share your talents – and learn new skills
• Make new friends
• Volunteer with your lodge to strengthen relationships
• Volunteer with your family to encourage children to give back to their community
• See first-hand how the Masonic Homes embody fraternal values

How to Get Started
Union City campus: Contact Carlene Voss, Masonic Homes volunteer and community resource program manager, at (510) 429-6469 or
Covina campus: Contact Judy Figueroa, administrator, Masonic Home at Covina, at (626) 251-223 or

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