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Templar’s Square Provincial Display Equipment | Oxfordshire Provincial Grand Lodge

25 May 2016

Brethren from the Carfax and Oxford Lodges manned the Provincial display stand at the Cowley Centre on Saturday
May 14th. The event was organised by W.Bro. Leo Catney. The stand is now in use somewhere in the Province almost every weekend, and is attracting significant interest, and an average of one new candidate every time it goes out. Lodges wishing to use the equipment can book it on the Provincial web site, where a calendar shows if it is free for your proposed event (the tab is under the Provincial Section of the website). It can be collected from Wheatley and comes complete with a manual, insurance, a risk assessment and a supply of flyers & information leaflets.

All the lodge using it need to do is provide the brethren to man it (probably 2 or 3 brethren per 2 hour shift
throughout its display).

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