The Teme Lodge and Knighton Rotary Club meet

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On Tuesday evening The Teme Lodge 4267 invited the members of Knighton Rotary International to join them after the Lodge’s short business meeting. Around a dozen ladies and gentlemen were given a talk by VWBro Roger Pemberton on the origins and purposes of Craft Freemasonry and were treated to a recital of the Charge after Initiation given by WBro David Hedley.


The President of The Knighton Rotary Club, Kim Smith then gave a presentation on the origins and purposes of Rotary International. 

All agreed that a great deal of synergy existed between the two organisations, a fact that was much discussed at the excellent dinner provided by The Knighton Hotel. Roger Pemberton said, “Masonry must be see as Part of the Community and not Apart from the Community. We must reach out to achieve a greater understanding amongst the popular world.”

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