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‘Talking Heads’ on show in May

A demonstration of the ‘Talking Heads’ presentation will be performed on Friday 20 May 2016 at the meeting of Ashlar Lodge No 5154 at the Masonic Hall in Blackpool, commencing at 18:30 hours.

John Cross (left) and Paul Darlington.

John Cross (left) and Paul Darlington.

Under the stewardship of the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals responsible for the Blackpool, South Fylde and North Fylde Groups David Randerson, John Cross and Paul Darlington will perform the presentation which takes the form of a dialogue between a recently raised master Mason and a more seasoned colleague who, while preparing to attend a Craft lodge meeting, is approached by the young Mason enquiring about the Royal Arch. A discussion between them ensues; the young Mason asking the veteran a number of searching questions which the Royal Arch companion clarifies in a very informative and entertaining way.

A diversity of aspects is covered without revealing any of the ‘mysteries’ and theatre of the order, ensuring that the prospective member will enjoy the spectacle of Royal Arch to the full. Using his regalia as a prop to explain elements of the Royal Arch, the experienced Mason clearly and concisely answers the queries thrown at him by the young master Mason.

The presentation has been produced to diffuse any possible confusion that may exist about the Royal Arch and introduces and explains the purposes, aims and pleasures of the Royal Arch, often referred to as the ‘completion and climax of Freemasonry’.

Those who have had the good fortunate to attend a performance of the presentation have been exuberant in their praise of John’s and Paul’s performances. The standard of presentation is first class with John and Paul having memorised all the dialogue and enacting it in a relaxed, sincere and spontaneous manner.

It is strongly recommended as a most effective way in which to enlighten those brethren who may be contemplating completing their journey in Freemasonry. The ‘Talking Heads’ team have a message and it is well worth lending an ear to it.

Pictured from left to right, are: Paul Darlington, David Randerson and John Cross

Pictured from left to right, are: Paul Darlington, David Randerson and John Cross

For further details and to reserve a place, contact the lodge secretary at

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