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ST. Kenelm Lodge, No. 6082 – ‘Knights Templar Presentation’ | Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire

ST. Kenelm Lodge, No. 6082 – ‘Knights Templar Presentation’

The regular meeting on the 19th April of St Kenelm Lodge was certainly different, if not unique in the Province.

On that evening, following the formal closing of the Lodge, seven members who are also members of the ‘United Orders’ (i.e. Knights Templar), including the immediate Past Provincial Prior, made a presentation to the Brethren about the history of the Templars.

Not only that, but they changed into their Knights Templar regalia for the presentation which made for a very colourful spectacle, particularly for those Brethren unfamiliar with this Christian order.

The presentation which was based on the ‘Grand Objective’, had been approved by the Provincial Prior and was tailored so that it could be made to non-members of the Order.  It was an excellent opportunity to promote the Order and for non-members to ‘make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge’.

The accompanying photograph shows the ‘team’ making its presentation.

Knights Templar Worcestershire

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