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St Aidan Lodge raise £5000 for 2021 Festival

St Aidan Lodge in Blackhill, Consett has numerous reasons to celebrate in their meeting after the Great North Run weekend.

Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Sanders Hay, as part of a formal visit to St Aidan Lodge, presented a 50 Year Certificate to Worshipful Master, Jonathan Golightly on behalf of long standing St Aidan member James Richardson who was sadly unable to attend due to ill health.

However, it also meant that David was on hand to recognise the achievement of two members of the Durham Provincial Great North Run Team who completed the 13-mile course. Assistant Provincial Grand Master, John Watts and Past Master of the Lodge, Peter Thomas had joined with their fellow team members, on the previous Sunday afternoon, to run the famous course. Between the two runners they raised a contribution of £5,000 to count towards St Aidan’s target for the 2021 Festival. Miraculously, the two St Aidan runners crossed both the start and finish line together after running for 2 hours and 14 minutes.

On the evening of David’s visit both John and Peter were delighted to wear their Great North Run finisher’s medals at the St Aidan festive board in recognition of all the generous sponsorship that both they and their Great North Run colleagues had received.

During the Festive Board David was also delighted to recognise the new Festive Board dining experience at St Aidan Lodge as well as the commitment of Lodge members in securing the future of the Lodge as it approaches its Centenary celebrations in 2020. This has resulted in an upsurge of interest in the Lodge and a new candidate for the October meeting. David praised the Lodge in its efforts to ensure its future and commended the St Aidan Brethren in their long-term pursuit of a Lodge that will truly stay the course!

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