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SRRS Releases Index For All “Heredom” Volumes

In March, the Scottish Rite Research Society issued a complete index to Volumes 1 through 23 (1992-2015) of Heredom, the transactions of the Society. The .pdf includes the tables of contents for each individual volume, followed by an index for the complete set.

CLICK HERE for the index.

This will be an invaluable tool for researchers who no longer have to laboriously search through every individual book in search of a long forgotten paper. Many thanks to Illus. S. Brent Morris 33° for this monumental undertaking.

If you are not a member of the SRRS, consider joining (even if you don’t belong to the AASR). Members receive an annual hardback copy of Heredom, a quarterly publication called The Plumbline, and a bonus hardback book, each year. Plus, you also get 10% off of purchases from the House of the Temple store.

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