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Slack by name but certainly not by nature!!!

The Iron Bridge Lodge 9897 welcomed a new Brother Initiate on the 14th when WBro Simon Clare (left) conducted an efficient Ceremony following his lengthy bicycle ride from the South-East.

Brother Richard Slack became a Freemason on the same night that VWBro Roger Pemberton became Master Elect of Shropshire’s newest lodge. Richard is a security guard at a certain well-known local University college – so it was very appropriate that he should become a member of our first University Scheme lodge. Richard is also to be complimented on his appearance wearing his Festival Jewel on his first night in Masonry!

The evening was a warm one again, and several of those present are pictured enjoying a cooling drink after the formal part of the evening – which took only a little over an hour…

Richard was soon out and about, visiting Pengwerne Lodge the

following night, and is pictured (left) being greeted by Pengwerne’s Worshipful Master, WBro David Knight. Welcome to Shropshire Masonry!

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