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Scunthorpe Lodges Help Victoria Rumary | Provincial Grand Lodge of Lincolnshire

Victoria Rumary, a wheelchair archer, considers doing a William Tell routine with Bro Frederick Coles, Senior Warden of the Lodge of St John, while the Secretary of Industry Lodge, W Bro Lawrence Railton, offers encouragement and spiritual guidance. Scunthorpe
Brethren, having helped sponsor the wheelchair, are pleased to announce that no
apples were injured during this presentation.

Victoria has been training with Team GB, and represented the country in Dubai, when she came fifth in her competition. She had been considered for the Rio Paralympics, but wasn’t named as one of the final four in spite of shooting a perfect score during the selection event. “Being new to the GB squad, one of my main aims now is to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics,” she added.Her normal day chair isn’t ideal for archery;
she had to sit on planks on it to lift her high enough so that the bow didn’t touch the chair, which it’s not allowed to do. “That’s not a problem with the new chair, which has been built to fit me. I’m really looking forward to using it in competition,” she said.

READY FOR TOKYO: Victoria Rumary with representatives of Scunthorpe Lodges who helped buy her a specialist archery wheelchair to support her in winning a place to represent Team GB in competitions, which could even include the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020. From left: W Bro Terry Walton (St Lawrence Lodge, 2078), W Bro Dick Brady (Industry Lodge 4662),  W Bro Steve Spavin (Pharos Lodge 6450) W Bro Chris England, (St Lawrence Lodge 2078), Bro Fred Coles, (Lodge of St John 7840) and W Bro Laurie Railton (Industry Lodge 4662)

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