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Roger and Out for 2016 Perambulations!

On Thursday evening the 2016 programme of Festival Perambulations was completed by WBro Roger Michell who walked over twenty miles from Shrewsbury to Oswestry to attend a meeting of Cae Glas Lodge.

Of course he was accompanied by the Walking Maul which has now journeyed over 500 miles around our Province, linking lodge with lodge in a demonstration of unity in our quest to raise over

£1,000,000 for The Freemasons’ Grand Charity.

At Cae Glas he was welcomed by the WM, WBro Keith Arscott and his two Wardens. The Walking Maul was carried into open lodge and placed on the WM’s pedestal to be used for the duration of the evening.

The proceeds of the draw at the festive board were generously donated to the 2019 Festival Appeal and presented to the walker, WBro Roger Michell.

The 2017 programme of walks is being put together. Volunteers are needed to lead walks which will begin in the Spring. If you would like to lead a walk please contact either WBro Roger Michell or VWBro Roger Pemberton the DepPrGM.

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