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Rainier Masonic Lodge of Freemasons donate Kindle devices to Hudson Park students


At a school-wide assembly held on June 8, twenty-one Hudson Park Elementary students received Kindles donated by the Rainier Masonic Lodge. This is the second year students at Hudson Park have participated in the Kindles for Books Program, sponsored by the Masonic Lodge. This year, reading goals were met 1,094 times, as compared to 885 times last year. The students and staff of Hudson Park would like to thank the Rainier Masonic Lodge for their donation of Kindles this year.

Kindle recipients were:


Sheilyn Prouty-Parcell, Mrs. Geringer

Wade Shulda, Mrs. Geringer

Bransen Weaver, Mrs. Kunders

First Grade:

Maleea Bugg, Ms. Askew

Jaela Jackson, Ms. Askew

Steven Reddington, Mrs. Ontiveros

Second Grade:

Kimberly Fisher-Smythe, Ms. Collins

Kaelea Gortler, Ms. Lewno

Lillian Youngblood, Ms. Collins

Third Grade:

Cordi Biddix, Mrs. Garlick

Gunner Miller, Mrs. Garlick

Kasey Neal, Ms. Shelton

Fourth Grade:

Delaney Fortelney, Mrs. Frederick

Rodolfo Rodriguez, Mrs. Frederick

Wade Widme, Mrs. Paddock

Fifth Grade:

Manon Lever, Mrs. Richards

Camille Smith, Mrs. Richards

Jadon Triebre, Mrs. Richards

Sixth Grade:

Tyler Borders, Ms. Leishman

Isabelle Etten, Ms. Richard

Justine Pompella, Ms. Johanson/Mrs. Evans

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