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Quatuor Coronati Lodge Conference: 300 Years of the Grand Lodge of England 9/9-11

UGLE’s lodge of research, Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, will host the Tercentenary Conference on The History of Freemasonry: Celebrating 300 Years of the Grand Lodge of England 1717 – 2017. This event will be held September 9-11, 2016 on the historic campus of Queens’ College at the University of Cambridge, founded in 1448.

The three day conference will include more than 45 of the most internationally known Masonic scholars who will speak on a wide range of topics. A complete program can be seen HERE. The presentations made at the conference will be collected and later published as a book.

Also, the Prestonian Lecture for 2016 by Dr. Richard (Ric) Berman will be presented Friday morning in a special tyled meeting of QC lodge, to be held at Cambridge Masonic Hall. (Apart from this lecture, the rest of the conference is open to the public.)

Reservations for the conference may be made at the University of Cambridge site HERE. Cost for all three days for non-members of QC Lodge is £175 (currently US$255), and there are several options at reduced prices for attending fewer days. Accommodations and various meal packages for the weekend are offered on the campus of the College.

A brochure with prices, lodging information, schedules, and more can be seen HERE.

For questions, contact the QC Lodge directly at
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