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Provincial Grand Lodge 2016 of Essex Mark Master Masons

June 2nd saw the 2016 Mark Provincial Grand Lodge take place, once again, at the picturesque setting of Felsted School. On a chilly and breezy day, although thankfully dry, well over 300 Mark Masons gathered together to attend the meeting and enjoy the festive board afterwards. With Provincial Lodge opened, the PGM, R.W. Bro. Terrence D. Sheern,  welcomed our guests who numbered over 40 from other Provinces- a splendid attendance and a measure of the success of our province. We were also pleased to have the past PGM, R.W. Bro. Michael Spencer back in our midst.

The PGM, went on to appoint and invest his officers as well as those receiving first appointments and promotions. His address is published below.

Of note was the significant number of displays and information stalls of other Orders meeting in Essex, not just those under the auspices of Mark Grand Lodge, but all those that have an Essex footprint. Many took the time to speak to the representatives of the Orders, ask questions and, in many cases, take away joining forms.


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