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Provincial Garden of Remembrance

garden of remembrance

View from the Garden of Remembrance

During his address to Provincial Grand Lodge (Friday 6th May 2016) the Provincial Grand Master announced a wonderful Provincial scheme for the Tercentenary and beyond:

“Brethren, you will not be surprised to hear that a great deal of thought has been given to a permanent memorial of the Tercentenary and I am delighted to announce that this Province, in partnership with Portland College, will be dedicating a Garden of Reflection which will be a tranquil haven where the families of those masons called to higher service will be able to spend time to reflect on those special memories of their loved ones. More information will be given to you later today but at this time I must express my gratitude to W Bro Graham Wood and Bro Eric Lovett of Clifton Lodge No 4753, for creating the vision for the scheme and the other members of the team who have turned that vision into reality”.

In a brief interviewwith Graham Wood (PPrAGM) he explained the thinking behind the initiative:

“Basically, it will be an area designated for Reflection and Remembrance by the Families, Friends and Brethren of departed Brethren. As more individuals are opting for Cremation, there is less and less remaining, as tangible means of remembering, for their families, friends, colleagues, etc. This is also the case for Masons.

This garden will be developed by Freemasons of Nottinghamshire to provide such an area for quiet Reflection, in a countryside environment, centrally located in the Province and accessible every day of the year. It will have a Wall of Reflection where the Family or Lodge of a departed Brother can have a Brass Plaque permanently fixed in the Brother’s memory. There will be a Masonic Stone Memorial specifically designed to commemorate all our lost Brethren and there will be other aspects of a Masonic nature to reflect what the Garden is for. Importantly, there will be a seating area for quiet reflection and thought.

This is a joint venture between the Freemasons of Nottinghamshire and Portland College for joint use of the Garden and I am so proud and pleased to be working with such an important and worthwhile organisation which does so much to help those disadvantaged people in our society to strive and achieve their full potential. The College have a Coffee Bar on site which is open 7 days a week where Families can get a drink and food when visiting and there are children’s areas with donkeys and other animals to entertain them.

The plan is for the Garden to be Ceremonially Consecrated in Masonic Form in 2017 to be a further celebration of the Tercentenary of Masonry”.

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