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Provincial Church Service 2016

The Provincial Church Service will be held on Sunday 12th June 2016, at The Church of St Nicholas and St John, Monkton Priory, Pembroke. The service will commence at 3.00pm and it is the wish of the Provincial Grand Master that as many Brethren and their families support the Province by attending the service. Further details will appear on the Provincial Website nearer the day, but save the date in your diaries!

It is very interesting to note that the Rev David Bowen, at one time DPrGM to Lord Kensington found Monkton Church in ruins when he first became the incumbent, and over a period of 50 years saw to the restoration to what we have today. There was considerable involvement by Freemasons in the restoration and the windows in the lady chapel are dedicated to Freemasons.

Some of the canopies of the Choir Stalls were also paid for by Freemasons and there are brass plates to acknowledge this.  

The large chandeliers in the chancel by the altar rails are also decorated with symbols of the Royal Arch.  King Edward VII visited the Church on 23rd August 1902. The Rev Bowen was not present during the visit as he was on Masonic duties.  This was not an insult to the Monarch as their Majesties simply dropped in to visit whilst they “were in the area”  during a day out from Tenby where they were on holiday. Probably the sun was shining in Pembroke that day rather than Tenby!

There will be an opportunity to look round the church and see all the masonic connections after the service. You can also download the leaflet explaining the history of the church below.

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