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PrGM’s Diary


April has got off to a great start, not only with the good weather but to a great visit to Liverpool, Hope Street, on 4 April. I travelled to Liverpool on a beautiful sunny Monday afternoon with Peter Taylor for a joint convocation of the Liverpool Chapters meeting at Hope Street, hosted by the Chapter of Friendship No 241.

Ian Higham (left) and Tony Harrison are pictured at the joint convocation.

Ian Higham (left) and Tony Harrison are pictured at the joint convocation.

This was one of our Royal Arch Team visits and I was very well supported by Danny Jones, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, John Hutton as Second Provincial Grand Principal, Stanley Oldfield the Third Provincial Grand Principal, Scribe Ezra, Peter Taylor and Tony Hall the Scribe Nehemiah, Ian Higham Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and his Deputy Neil Mac Symonds together with many acting Provincial officers and Assistants to the Provincial Grand Principals. It certainly was a wonderful assembly of my acting team.

We were all enthralled by the title of the presentation ‘Some of the idiosyncrasies of the Liverpool Group Chapters` which was delivered in a most interesting way by members of the chapters who meet in Hope Street.

The occasion gave me an opportunity to meet with many of the 80 companions, supporting this joint convocation, prior to enjoying a delicious Festive Board in the main dining room…..

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