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Pantomime on Masonic Festival night

Coventry Lodges held their 6th Festival of Fellowship evening on the 12th April as a fund raising event for their annual Pantomime for Special Children. The evening was highly successful in raising not only a “Lot a Lot a Laughs” but also in raising £900 on the evening, £2,500 in cheques and pledges mainly from Coventry Lodges and others in the area plus £2,000 from the Province towards the overall costs of the Pantomime which is approximately £6,000.

Pantomime on Masonic Festival night

Worshipful Master for the evening was our President V W Bro Michael Morris the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and all of the offices were occupied by either the Master or his representative from each Coventry Lodge. The main item of business for the meeting was “to have fun” and this was complemented by an excellent presentation by the General Lodge of Instruction, No 587 of the 7th section of the first lecture from the Green Book on “All things you didn’t know or understand in the 1st Degree”.

The Pantomime this year will be held on the 7th December at the Standard Triumph Club when it is anticipated we will entertain 550 of Coventry and Warwickshire’s special children and 150 carers from 13 schools. Each child will see Father Christmas and receive a “goodie bag”.

The theme of “having fun” was continued at the festive board with celebrations of the Queens 90th birthday and songs from rural England. The toast to the President included the re-enactment of the death of the Black Prince by the Coventry Mummers – quite what that had to do with anything we are not quite sure – but anything can and usually does happen at these fellowship Pantomime nights or is it Knights !

On behalf of the Pantomime Committee and all the children who benefit from this Charity Event we would like to thank the Coventry and Warwickshire Lodges and Freemasons who contributed and also joined in the Fellowship, all helping to make the evening such a great success.

On behalf of all the organising team.

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